School for Conversion

Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove – Director, SfC

Jonathan lives with his family at the Rutba House in Durham, NC. A celebrated author, he speaks often about community, peacemaking, and monastic wisdom.

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Project TURN

Louis Threatt – Director, Project TURN

Louis is an ordained minister who serves as Pastor of Messiah Community Christian Church in Winston Salem, NC. He lives in Durham with his wife and daughter. Louis is passionate about serving God and empowering others--especially those that are pushed to the margins of life by race, economic status, and/ or incarceration.

Sarah Jobe – Project TURN Founder and Site Coordinator

Sarah Jobe is an ordained pastor, prison chaplain, birth doula, and mother of two. She lives with her family at the Rutba House, an intentional Christian community in Durham, NC.


Walltown Aspiring Youth

Dan Keegan – Director, The WAY

Dan lives in Durham and works closely with Urban Hope, a ministry among teens in the Walltown neighborhood. He has worked within Durham Public Schools and coaches a basketball team in Durham’s city league.

Jennifer Jones – Girl’s Coach, The WAY

Jennifer T. Jones was raised in Durham, NC. She has worked with Urban Hope since 2008. Her passion is to empower, encourage, and support the young women of Walltown.


Church Beyond the Walls

Will Elmore – Program Manager, Church Beyond the Walls

William has been working as a teacher with School for Conversion since 2015, beginning when he was incarcerated at Orange Correctional Center in Hillsborough, NC. Since his release William joined SFC as an Abraham Galloway Fellow before transitioning into leadership of Church Beyond the Walls.


21st Century Freedom Ride

Ann Atwater – Freedom Teacher

A veteran of the Civil Rights Movement in Durham, North Carolina, Ann G. Atwater is best known for her work with former Klansman C.P. Ellis to integrate Durham's public schools peacefully. Her life has been celebrated in the book, The Best of Enemies, and in a play and soon-to-be released Hollywood movie by the same name. Ann joined the ancestors in June 2016 but remains an inspiration to our work. We remember her legacy here:

Bob Zellner – Freedom Teacher

A veteran of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Southern Conference Education Fund (SCEF), Bob works with SFC to intergrate a freedom curriculum into all of our programming.

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Board of Directors

Byron McMillan – Board Member

Byron lives with his family in the Research Triangle and is co-chair of the local host community for the Christian Community Development Association.

Debbie Buffaloe – Board Member

Debbie is a member of St. John's Missionary Baptist Church in Durham, NC.

Taylor Lewis Guthrie Hartman – Board Member

Taylor is the Associate Pastor for Youth at Westminster Presbyterian in Durham, NC.

Luke Everett – Board Member

Luke is a professor at the UNC School of Law and member of First Presbyterian Church in Durham, NC.

Keith Daniel – Board Member

Keith is a native of Washington, DC with deep family roots in Durham. Ordained in the American Baptist Church tradition, Keith and his wife Lorna and two teens Madison and Loren attend CityWell Church, Durham, NC. Keith is the Executive Director for Operations and Strategic Partnerships of StepUp North Carolina.

Miea Walker – Board member

Miea works as Engagement Coordinator for North Carolina's Second Chance Alliance and serves on the steering committee of the Capitol Area Reentry Council. She lives with her family in Raleigh.

Steve Swayne – Board Member

Steve is Co-Founder of Yip Yip Digital, an enterprise platform for digital communications, and a board member of StepUp North Carolina, a nonprofit that provides job and life skills training. He is a husband, father of 4 and loves anything to do with his family.

Gann Herman – Board CHAIR

Gann is retired from Mennonite Central Committee and Duke Divinity School Center for Reconciliation. She is a member of Church of Reconciliation (PCUSA) in Chapel Hill, NC, lives with her husband Dale in the Northgate Park neighborhood in Durham.