Bam Boogie's Catering

Our favorite caterers in Durham! Owned by Octavya & Dyron Pratt. Call (919) 433-6553 or (919) 358-3216 to contact them.

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Walltown Neighborhood Ministries

A partnership of churches and organizations invested in the neighborhood, Walltown Neighborhood Ministries is a roundtable to promote coordination for the common good.

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Intentional Communities

Bruderhof Community

An intentional Christian community practicing radical discipleship in the spirit of the first church in Jerusalem.

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Koinonia Farm

Founded by Clarence Jordan in 1942, Koinonia Farm is an intentional community in Americus, Georgia, that shares a life of prayer, work, study, service and fellowship and seeks to embody peacemaking, sustainability, and radical sharing.

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Reba Place Fellowship

Reba Place Fellowship is an intentional Christian community in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois. We are followers of Jesus Christ, freely sharing life and resources with one another and with our neighbors in order to demonstrate God’s peace and justice in the world.

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Rutba House

An intentional community and hospitality house in Durham, North Carolina. The life of the Rutba community inspired the creation of School for Conversion and we continue to partner with them in many ways.

The Simple Way

An intentional community and neighborhood organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania founded by Shane Claiborne.

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Project TURN Partners

Duke Divinity School

Our partners in Project TURN, Duke Divinity School forms you theologically, providing vocational training grounded in the teachings of Jesus, as well as the experience needed to be an innovative leader.

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Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women

Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women is a nonprofit organization with a mission to build bridges of hope for women in prison before and after release through chaplaincy services, transitional programs and re-entry support.

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North Carolina Chaplaincy Services & Chaplain Services at Butner FCI

Project TURN would not be possible without the partnership and support of the Chaplaincy departments at Central Prison, NC Correctional Center for Women, and Butner FCI, which host our classes inside these locations. 

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Walltown Aspiring Youth Partners

Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian

A partner church that supports Walltown Aspiring Youth.

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St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church

Our neighbor and partner church in Walltown.

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Urban Hope

Our partners for the WAY, Urban Hope's mission is to raise up generations of young heroes - who are beating the odds by the grace of God - through creating safe places in our neighborhood to grow together into wholeness.

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