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Alamance County Pilgrimage

“In whatever place you find yourself, do not easily leave it.”—ancient Christian wisdom


Attention to place is a hallmark of spiritual wisdom. What stories have shaped the places where we live? What gifts and challenges have we inherited from those who came before us?


School for Conversion hosts pilgrimages in place to help people see their neighbors again for the first time. This sacred work of remembering well is central to our work of “making surprising friendships possible.”


On Saturday, February 25th, from 10am until 4pm, we invite you to join us in Graham, North Carolina, for an Alamance County Pilgrimage. In a time when political rhetoric often imagines two Americas—one urban, one rural—we will engage the grounds of the Alamance County Courthouse and its complex history as a place of “Red String” resistance to the Civil War, a lynching site during the Redemption movement, and a contemporary space where racial disparities of our criminal justice system are played out.


If love of God means love of neighbor, as Jesus taught, what does it look like to live, love, and worship as inheritors of this messy history? If you would like to join a diverse group of North Carolinians for this day of pilgrimage together, please send an email to