Project TURN

Project TURN (Transform, Unlock, ReNew) creates a learning environment in which incarcerated men and women and students from outside prisons can learn alongside one another as classmates. Our classes balance academic training and personal spiritual development to offer a unique experience in which diverse students stretch their boundaries and enlarge their imaginations.

The program was created in 2009 and inspired by the words of Paul: “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). To incarcerated students, TURN offers high quality academic classes and the opportunity to study the words of civil rights leaders, religious scholars, and others while reflecting on their own life experiences. To other students, it provides insight into our country’s criminal justice system, allowing them to get to know incarcerated people on a personal level and be challenged to rethink their understanding of the prison system. For all students, the classes provide a space to cross the lines of race, class, and imprisonment that divide our society.

“These Duke classes are my silver lining. They are the one good thing I have gotten from being in prison. I could never have gotten them or afforded them on the outside. So thank you.” - Incarcerated TURN student

Project TURN is a partnership between School for Conversion, state and federal prisons in North Carolina, Duke Divinity School, and community organizations.

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